About Kevin Malone

I see the beauty in God’s creation and I have a passion to capture it in my paintings.  Many of my paintings are centered upon Biblical themes whether it be God’s people, animals or His magnificent world in which we live.  I especially enjoy creating oils and watercolors of people and animals that captures their personality and spirit. I take great pleasure in creating permanent “snippets of memories” in the subject’s life to be enjoyed by them and their families for years to come. Portraying the light and color of God’s handiwork by painting landscapes of places and subjects in Texas and around the world are also in my repertoire.

Kevin Malone, raised in Amarillo, moved to Waco, TX in 1995. He and his wife, Frances and family have lived in various places throughout Texas and the United States but has made Waco their forever home.

Kevin’s creativity led him to take art classes in high school and to take lessons from various Texas artists.  After high school, he pursued a degree in music and combined his creative skills by playing the drums in a musical group and continued to hone his painting skills at the same time. Kevin’s creative career came to a halt when he and his wife started a family in 1983.  He felt he needed to devote more time to his family and business career.

Thirty-three years later, in mid 2016, he felt God moving him to begin painting again. His heart is now full of inspiration that only God could provide. He likes working in oil and watercolor mediums to create his works of art.